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About me

I know why you've come to the about page? At least I think you do...I reckon you're here because your biggest worry about having your photo taken is that you'll feel awkward in front of the camera and if you feel awkward you'll look awkward! So you want to know will you feel awkward with me!

I felt the same as you way back in the day when I decided I wanted to take down the IKEA canvas prints from our living room wall that half the people in England seem to have and replace them with some stunning pictures of stuff that actually mattered to me that stuff being my family!

I'd been in to photography for donkey's years but as an introvert I mainly photographed the landscape and stuff that couldn't speak. So I started looking around for a photographer that could take some pictures for us, what I found was that virtually every photographer I found was making these portraits of very sombre looking kids that was reminiscent of an 500 year old painting from a museum.

I wanted images that looked real, real emotions, real expressions I wanted to see that little half smile my son gives when he's thinking of something he thinks is hilarious! So I convinced a wedding photographer I knew to step out of his comfort zone and give it a go and they were pretty good to be fair but just not quite 'perfect' - did I mention I'm an absolute perfectionist.

So I decided to hire a studio and try myself and got along some willing friends with their kids and spouses to come along....and damn I bloody loved it! As an introvert I'd always avoided photographing people but actually the joy from knowing you'd made something great that they'll keep forever and hang on their walls was immense!....And really I've never stopped photographing people since.

Anyway I feel like I'm rambling now...but then I also think one of the reasons people tell me that they don't feel awkward when I'm photographing them is that I never run out of something to say ... my Mam was not a fan of this skill when I was growing up.

So anyway enough with the rambling apparently it's customary to give you some random titbits of information about me.

  • I have a very strong Geordie accent that is only activated when I go back to Gateshead...it becomes hugely diluted as soon as I pass Heworth Roundabout on the way back to Houghton
  • My kids are all named with a connection to Superman
  • My dog, Maxi, died in 2019 but I still think of myself as a dog owner...this is the longest I haven't had a dog in my whole life...I regularly think about a trip to the shelter but then I talk myself out of it.
  • I'll always choose Haribo over chocolate, sour ones ideally.
  • I drink more black tea and Pepsi Max than I should.
  • I used to have a social life then I had kids so now I basically drive them places, feed them and clean up after them...thankfully I have a wife to share these joys with! How single parents cope I have no idea they must all wear capes under their coats!

I always think it's a good idea to have a chat first before you book your session so click the button before to schedule one, you can come in to the studio or we can use the phone whatever works for you.


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