My top tips for parents to get the most from their family photoshoot.

So a little while ago now I made a really quick video giving a few of my key tips for parents to get the most out of their child or family photoshoot, so I thought as I have 10 minutes I would type them up! So here we go. If you can't be bothered to read watch the video instead - the sound isn't great!


Outfit selection is often key to creating a timeless images. My advice is always avoid big logos, images and brand names on clothes. The shoot is about your the people in the picture and the viewer should be looking at your faces not being distracted by big logos etc. The same goes for colours and patterns I would always recommend that you go for solid colours avoiding patterns and ideally sticking to muted tones rather than strong bright ones, it's all about not distracting the viewer from what's important - the people in the picture!

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The Studio Is Now Open!

OK so it's actually been open a little while now but it's been really busy so I haven't had the chance to post much about it.

If you know Houghton at all it's in what used to be called the "Enterprise Center" but is now the "Houghton Business Center" it's a great location for me being just off the A690 and right between the A1 and A19 (If you need directions you can find them HERE )

I have designed the Studio to be just how I want it entirely practical to help me create the best images that I possibly can for my clients, but hopefully comfortable too.

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Who needs a headshot?

A Formal Business Headshot With A modern Pose

Well if you're reading this chances are you do! Or perhaps more accurately you think you might.

Perhaps first we should talk about what a Heashot is and what it isn't - a headshot is a portrait but a particular type. A Headshot is your attempt to project the image and feeling you want a stranger to have about you before they ever meet you.

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