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Who needs a headshot?

A Formal Business Headshot With A modern Pose

Well if you're reading this chances are you do! Or perhaps more accurately you think you might.

Perhaps first we should talk about what a Heashot is and what it isn't - a headshot is a portrait but a particular type. A Headshot is your attempt to project the image and feeling you want a stranger to have about you before they ever meet you.

School Photo Do-Overs?

Did you receive your child's school photo proof and find that they don't even look like your child! They're wearing their dinner, shirt on back to front or maybe something worse?

Inspired by the fact my own son's came home looking like he'd had a bag of wotsits tipped on his head, and looked completely orange I have decided to offer for a limited time School Photo Do-Over sessions!

Each session is only 15 minutes long but allows enough time for me to give the same care and attention to detail that I would for any other portrait and you'll be there too to make sure their hair is brushed etc.

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