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Family Photo Shoot: What To Expect

1. Before You Book Your Shoot.

Mam and Two Teen Daughters Family Portrait by Houghton le Spring Based Photographer John J Bloomfield

Before we get your shoot scheduled I'll ask you to book a chat with me, we can do this over the phone but you're also welcome to come in to the studio. I always thinking popping in is a good idea for busy parents as it means on the day of your shoot, you already know where your going so it's one less thing to stress about!

I want understand exactly what you are looking to get from your shoot, individual portraits, a great full family portrait for your wall - it would even be great if you had a picture of the wall! Whatever your aim it makes a huge difference if I understand what you want to achieve.

I also really want to learn as much as I can about who is coming especially the kids...I really want to make sure you have a totally stress free session, so I want to know what that means for you.


2. Preparing For Your Shoot.

So once we've booked you in and I understand exactly what your looking for it's a case of getting ready for shoot day!

We'll have discussed before you booked what sort of clothes will date and which ones won't but if in doubt feel free to shoot over a mobile picture of your outfits and I'll let you know wether it works or not.

I'll send you by email a checklist of things I think you should bring with you on the day that'll make your life easier.

 Child Portrait by Houghton le Spring Based Photographer John J Bloomfield

3. The Shoot Itself.

Baby Boy Family Portrait by Houghton le Spring Based Photographer John J Bloomfield

You'll notice when you booked that the booking is for 2 hours, but I'm sure you'll recall I said that a family shoot usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour. So why so much extra time stress removal that's the reason for so many of the choices that we make. Of course I want you to be on time but if your baby pukes on you I want you to know that it's OK to fire me a text that say's you'll be 10 minutes late, this extra time has been accounted for. If you arrive in a whirlwind of stress I want you to have time in the studio to grab a coffee, calm down and let the colour of your face return to normal before we start. If your kids decide that day is the day they are to become extra shy I want you to know we have the time to let them come around.

So on the day when you arrive, I'll be ready for you but we'll rarely go straight in to shooting, unless you've told me that's what you need/want. You'll have timeto unpack your paraphenalia hang up outfit changes so that they don't get crushed in bags, fix everyones hair etc.

A fun, relaxed, stress free experience is the aim.

4. After The Shoot.


I'll take away the 9.8 million photos that we took during the shoot and go through them and remove all the ones where someone blinked or looks as though they are chewing on a wasp. Refining them down to a collection of images that match what you were hoping for. Then I will fully edit and retouch the final selection removing that zit that appeared that morning etc. That'll usually take me about 3 weeks.

When the images are ready I'll upload them to an online gallery so you can view and order prints and wall them at home but I'll also include an invite to come back to the studio so I can help. I want to be sure you get exactly what you want, in the online gallery you can order our most popular products but if you come to the studio I can talk you through what each little feature means, show you samples and even design something custom just for you. Coming back to the studio isn't one of those high pressure sales scenario's you hear about it's just me helpling you get your order right. If you need something by a set date let me know and I can speak to the labs and see if I can get it expressed for you or advise you on options that can be made faster.

 Young Girl child Portrait by Houghton le Spring Based Photographer John J Bloomfield

5. When Do Get Our Artwork.


After you place your order and make your payment (or final payment if you opted for layaway) your pictures are usually in your home within 4 weeks. I use lots of differrent labs for differrent types of products as some places do some things better than others, so the time to delivery will vary based on what you order and where it's coming from so I'll send you a much more exact timeframe as soon as I have placed your order.