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Headshots: Pricing

I only offer one headshot package and I might as well get this out of the way straight away I think it might be the most expensive in the North East of England.

But I also belive that I offer more for your money than anyone else too.

sunderland headshot 7 20 300 800 100

sunderland headshot 7 20 300 800 100

sunderland headshot 14 27 300 800 100


So what do you get from potentially the most expensive studio headshot package in the North East of England.

  • Up to 3 hours studio time.
  • Unlimited Outfit Changes.
  • White, Black, and Grey Backgrounds, and maybe a spot of colour if you fancy it
  • A range of lighting styles used to deliver both fresh modern images, mature sophisticated images and dramatic and mood setting images.
  • 5 Images fully retouched to a high standard delivered in high resolution, as well as versions pre-prepared for most social media.
  • Full length images can be included on request.
  • You choose your own images and you get to see all the images, and select your favourites or I can select for you.
  • Free to bring your own hair / makeup person.
  •  Session Splitting Allowed with 1 friend or colleague.