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Headshots: What To Expect

1. Before You Book Your Shoot.

Actor Headshot Warm Smile Dramatic Light Teenage Girl by Houghton le Spring Photographer John J Bloomfield


Before we get your shoot scheduled I'll ask you to book a chat with me, we can do this over the phone but you're also welcome to come in to the studio.  The purpose of the call is to make sure I understand exacyly what the purpose of your headshots will be and what you want to achieve. The headshot of a business man and an actor may have the same purpose (present well and get work) but the paramteters of how we achive that are quite different, and if you have strong views on what you want then I want to hear them!

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2. Preparing For Your Shoot.


So once we've booked you in and I understand exactly what your looking for it's a case of getting ready for shoot day!

We'll have discussed before you booked what sort of clothes will date and which ones won't but if in doubt feel free to shoot over a mobile picture of your outfits and I'll let you know wether it works or not.

I'll send you by email a checklist of things I think you should bring with you on the day that'll make your life easier.

If you've decided that you want to have a hair/makeup artist with you and you've booked your own, you'll need to let me have their details for insurance purposes etc. and I'll drop them a line to see if they need anything special in the studio.

 Actor Headshot Distinguished classic Dramatic Light Teenage Girl by Houghton le Spring Photographer John J Bloomfield

3. The Shoot Itself.

 Actor Headshot Intense Young Woman by Houghton le Spring Photographer John J Bloomfield


You'll notice when you booked that the booking is for 2 hours, but I'm sure you'll recall I said that a shoot usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour. So why so much extra time stress removal that's the reason for so many of the choices that we make. Of course I want you to be on time but if you've booked a hair and makeup person they'll need time to work on you. If your baby pukes on you as you're about to leave the house I want you to know that it's OK to fire me a text that say's you'll be 10 minutes late, this extra time has been accounted for. If you arrive in a whirlwind of stress I want you to have time in the studio to grab a coffee, calm down and let the colour of your face return to normal before we start.

So on the day when you arrive, I'll be ready for you but we'll rarely go straight in to shooting, unless you've told me that's what you need/want. You'll have time to unpack your paraphenalia hang up outfit changes so that they don't get crushed in bags etc.

A fun, relaxed, stress free experience is the aim.

4. After The Shoot.


I'll take a lot of images during the shoot! And I mean a lot...and as a headshot customer you get to see them all even the ones where you blinked or pulling strange faces! These will be the uneditied images straight out of camera and not been anywhere near photoshop...they are the architects plans but certainly not the building.

I'll upload all the images to an online gallery and from the comfort of your home I'll ask you to go through all the images and add the ones that you want fully edited as part of your package to a list in the gallery and I'll get to editing them for you. If you decide you want extras you can order them from that stage.

If you prefer me to choose though and some people do as judging images of yourself isn't always easy then you can skip this step and jump straight to step 5.

 Actor Headshot Twenties Guy by Houghton le Spring Photographer John J Bloomfield

5. When Do I Get My Final Images.

 Actor Headshot Beautiful White Background by Houghton le Spring Photographer John J Bloomfield


About 3 weeks after you confirm your final selection you'll get an email from me with a link to a new gallery, from where you can download your high resolution digital files.

And if you need any prints you can order them from here too.