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Alternative School Photo 2022


Tonight I'm going to sit down with my diary and schedule in the 'Alternative School Photo' dates for 2022/23 school year - Hint they'll be early September.

Then sometime next week I'll be giving everyone who added themselves on to the 'early bird list' a chance to book before I open them up to the public.

If you want to join the list add your details below;


The Ultimate Guide to Headshots for Actors and Performers

The Ultimate Guide to Headshots for Actors and Performers


Table of Contents

 Headshot of Actor And Dancer Zara Williams From North East England


If you're an actor established or new, then this guide is for you. It doesn't matter whether your aim is to be on Coronation Street or on stage at the Old Vic!

As you have probably guessed, my name is John and I am a photographer. I specialise in photographing people. Headshots are my favourite type of people photography.

Test Shoots

Chair On White Background 1This morning I found myself taking photographs of a chair...a fairly unsual thing to be doing for a people photographer like myself.

So you may be asking why was I photographing this chair - is it some how a special chair?

No there is nothing at all special about the chair...I was actually photographing some new flooring that I have recently bought to see how well it blends with the white paper bacground when it comes to editing.

I would much rather have photographed a person, it's more fun and it's certainly a more useful test for a portrait photographer like myself.

There are many situations when a 'test shoot' is needed

A test shoot can mean various things, it could mean;

  • I have a piece of equipment, or technique that I want to test.
  • It could be that I have a commercial job coming up and I want do to a test run on.
  • It could mean I have a personal project that I'm working on.
  • It could mean I need some new images for my portfolio.
  • It could simply be I've had a last minute cancellation and want to use the time to do one of the above or just something fun.

If you'd be interested in taking part in a test shoot usually in exchange for a copy of the final image(s) for your time then please fill out the form and I'll drop you a line with an invite if/when something comes up.

If you have a great idea for something you think I might want to collaborate on you can pitch it to me at the end of the form.

The form is pretty straight forward and should take you just a couple of minutes.

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Model Call - Looking for Dad's


For so many of us the Pandemic has meant limited contact with our nearest and dearest, talking to clients who traditionally come in for updated pictures of their Children I have noticed a shift in perspective with more interest in images of the grown ups in our lives with who we have had restricted contact over the last year.

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