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Model Call - Looking for Dad's


For so many of us the Pandemic has meant limited contact with our nearest and dearest, talking to clients who traditionally come in for updated pictures of their Children I have noticed a shift in perspective with more interest in images of the grown ups in our lives with who we have had restricted contact over the last year.

Covid-19 Corona-virus Measures

If you follow my page on Facebook you probably saw my announcement that I am reopening the studio in a limited way from Monday 22nd June. So I thought I should post an update here just to let you know exactly what 'reopening in a limited way' means in practice and the changes that I have made to facilitate social distancing.

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Limited reopening initially means that I will only be doing 'School Photo Do-Overs' and only one per day until I know that everything I have put in place is working as intended and hopefully the pandemic starts to ease up further.

Once I see that everything is working and hopefully as we start to come out of the other side of the Coronavirus crisis I will be able to reintroduce further services.

My top tips for parents to get the most from their family photoshoot.

So a little while ago now I made a really quick video giving a few of my key tips for parents to get the most out of their child or family photoshoot, so I thought as I have 10 minutes I would type them up! So here we go. If you can't be bothered to read watch the video instead - the sound isn't great!


Outfit selection is often key to creating timeless images. My advice is always to avoid big logos, images and brand names on clothes. The shoot is about your the people in the picture and the viewer should be looking at your faces not being distracted by big logos etc. The same goes for colours and patterns I would always recommend that you go for solid colours avoiding patterns and ideally sticking to muted tones rather than strong bright ones, it's all about not distracting the viewer from what's important - the people in the picture!

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