A Formal Business Headshot With A modern Pose

Well if you're reading this chances are you do! Or perhaps more accurately you think you might.

Perhaps first we should talk about what a Heashot is and what it isn't - a headshot is a portrait but a particular type. A Headshot is your attempt to project the image and feeling you want a stranger to have about you before they ever meet you.


An Actor Headshot - More Stylaised

In the begining Headshots were strictly needed by Actors who before they would ever go for an audition a casting Director would look at their Headshot first before deciding if they were to be invited in for an audition. Actors update their Headshots usually at least every six months to ensure their look is current, actors still spend a great deal of time and money on getting the perfect Headshot for them as it is their first foot in the door.

Since the rise of the Internet however more people than ever see the benefit in having a Headshot, starting with the self-employed and business executives who representing a business rightly feel that their image needs to be in line with image the company wishes to project, whether that be highly professional and traditional or relaxed and friendly. When your representing a business an arms length selfie or worse no photo at all really isn't the best look on a site like LinkedIn for example.

A relaxed and friendly business headshot

With lots of psychology books telling us that people like to know who they are dealing with and having seen a photo making a big difference in how likely you are to buy in to that company then team photos on about sections of business websites help to make the customer experience feel so much more personal. I remember in 2003 at the begining of my financial services career being prompted by a book by Bob Burg to have a headshot taken and I put it on the compliments slips and on my business card, at the time I was dealing with many clients I would never meet in person and I am 100% convinced that it made a huge difference to the relationships with a great deal of them still being clients today so I remain totally convinced of the business benefits of customers seeing your face even if they might never meet you in person.

Since 2003 things have moved on a great deal with everyone googling everyone so not only are Headshots of interest to business owners they are of interest to everyone, even if you lock your Facebook profile down hard your profile photo is usually still visible, think about what you want your next customer or prospective employer to see when they decide to look you up.

A relaxed business casual headshot.

Modener headshots don't have to be the rigid suited corporate shot of the past I'll work with you to craft the image that you want to present, checkout my Headshot portfolio and get in touch discuss your needs or if you know what you want just book it.