For so many of us the Pandemic has meant limited contact with our nearest and dearest, talking to clients who traditionally come in for updated pictures of their Children I have noticed a shift in perspective with more interest in images of the grown ups in our lives with who we have had restricted contact over the last year.

With this in mind this coming Father's day I intend on running a very limited special series of mini sessions 'All About Dad' where the focus of the sessions is to obtain a series of images of 'Dad' on his own and with his Children, regardless of whether those children are now adults or not.

In order to put together some images to help promote these sessions I am looking for 2 volunteer Dad's one at least one of who's children are grown.

If you (and your children) could be available the first week of May and would like to volunteer to come in and be Guinea Pigs so that we can produce just a couple of images that I can use to market the sessions then I will give you a desk print of your favourite image as a thank you. Then please complete the form below.

Equally if you'd be interested in being alerted when the full sessions become available complete your details below and I will let you know before they are published on social media there will be a limited number of sessions over a limited period of time.

Click here to open the register your interest.