Wedding Photographer....last minute.....North East England only

As photography is my passion and not my profession I tend not to want to book things in a very long way in the future so while I would love to shoot some Weddings if they are more than 3 months away I don't want to make that if you need a Wedding photographer at short notice for whatever reason then I could well be your guy

Where are all the photos?

There aren't any - because I have never shot a Wedding other than as a guest!

But I really want to!

Have a look around the rest of this site and you'll see that I am an experienced photographer.

Do you want to take a chance to grab a bargain?  I plan on shooting my first few Weddings for those willing to take a chance for costs only - no profit whatsoever! - as long as you're willing to have some of your images featured in my portfolio and future marketing etc.

Just drop me a line to discuss!